Women's Resource & Empowerment Center - Homeless But Not Helpless

OUR MISSION: To providing the highest quality service to homeless women and their children. To advocate for abused women and children and to raise awareness of the plight and plague of domestic violence against the most vulnerable in society: women and children. Our Anti- Domestic Violence Campaign's mission is prevention through education. 

As a result of the lack of adequate temporary safe havens for homeless women and children and temporary transitional housing for zero to low income families along the Gulf Coast, Faith Tabernacle of Praise Ministries oftentimes found themselves helping many women and children, as well as, low income families by providing them: free temporary housing, emergency safe haven, counseling, food, clothing, rental assistance, and utility assistance. They have been helping homeless women and children, abused women and abused children for over 25 years. From this church ministry the Women's Resource and Empowerment Center (W.R.E.C.) was born and founded in 2009 by Bishop James Black.

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